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3 years in the making, today a reality –i opened a silver print store

So many years ago I started shooting film for fun and developing it in a small little bathroom.  

A few months later, I tried my hand at making my first 8x10 silver gelatin enlargement.  

| Holding that first print, however horrendous it was, was magical. |  

I am sure I wasn't washing or fixing long enough (I actually counted in my head for my times... which, as those of you know, I am a classically trained percussionist so I do have almost perfect recollection of 60bpm... still I am sure I was impatient)   I really fell in love with the process.  My first print was absolutely terrible, but the important thing in that first experience was I saw incredible potential and I knew I could make really awesome prints.  It blew me away.  That's where the dream began, to make, sell, and exhibition prints that I made.  Years later –today in fact, that reality (in part) is happening.  I am having my own grand opening of a silver print online store.  It is a special day for me and I am incredibly excited to announce this to you.  These prints are special. They are pure craft.  Handmade. Timeless.

| These real film prints have soul in a age of overloaded, digital, flat, soul-less images. |  

In the store you will find a good number of photographs available for silver print.  These are all photographs I took on various film sizes and cameras. They are printed on good thick fiber based baryte papers from Ilford, and they should last for hundreds of years.    

I am also doing something really special for this grand opening.  I am doing a campaign of daily content showcasing the silver print and why it's special during this first week.  I will release blog posts and on friday I will show off a video of how the silver print is made. Lastly, I am doing a promotion for those of you who read this post for the month of August.  Enter 20off at checkout and you will get 20% off your order.  Yeah 20% off.  My gift to you.  

Check out the link to my new silver store below. 

****Note that this discount only applies to the silver prints and not to the color prints.****


If you live in Bellingham and you want to order, send me an inquiry request (at the bottom of the silver store) with the photograph and size you want.  This is better for me (avoid squarespace cut) and you (avoid shipping costs –which is a big savings) And yes, I will also give you 20%.


Cheers folks! Can't wait to make some prints for ya'll.   


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